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Routledge and Knowledge Unlatched

Rebecca Barratt Associate Marketing Manager - Taylor & Francis, Library (Books)

Routledge partners with Knowledge Unlatched to publish Open Access books on African Studies and Gender Studies Routledge is collaborating with Knowledge Unlatched (KU) to form a collection of Open Access books on African Studies and Gender Studies.  Combining the publishing know-how of Routledge, with KU’s...

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Sustainable Development Goals Online

New eBook Resource!

Elaine Roberts Marketing Manager - Taylor & Francis, Library (Books)

Today’s Students Aren’t Dreaming of a Sustainable Future. They’re Working Out How to Make it Happen According to a global survey of 1,800 recent university graduates, 96% expect to be involved in sustainability in some way during their careers. 70%...

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Discover Librarian Insights from UKSG19

Elaine Roberts Marketing Manager - Taylor & Francis, Library (Books)

At this year’s UKSG conference, Taylor & Francis spoke with librarians about some of the big topics being discussed in the library community. We received some great insights from librarians at different career stages and with varied responsibilities, and a...

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Resources for Librarians Recommendation Generator

Amy Guest Associate Marketing Manager - Taylor & Francis, Library (Books)

 Taylor & Francis is excited to be able to offer free resources to help you discover and engage with topics across professional and academic communities. With insights from expert authors and leading industry voices, we have a range of...

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