CHOICE Outstanding Academic Titles for 2022

CHOICE OAT awards are given to “outstanding works for their excellence in presentation and scholarship, the significance of their contribution to the field, their originality and value as an essential treatment of their subject, and significance in building undergraduate collections.” We are proud and honored to announce that 16 of our titles have achieved this prestigious status.

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All 2022 CHOICE Outstanding Academic Titles

Awarded Open Access Titles

Both of these titles are Open Access, so you can access content from them for free. Learn more about each book by clicking below.

Phenotypic Plasticity & Evolution: Causes, Consequences, Controversies
Edited by David W. Pfennig
Orange Padlock
Africa’s Soft Power: Philosophies, Political Values, Foreign Policies and Cultural Exploits
by Oluwaseun Tella

Awarded to Routledge:

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Awarded to Chapman & Hall / CRC