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Open access in the UK: insights and Solutions for Librarians

Caroline Blake Marketing Manager

The transition towards open access and open scholarship creates challenges for librarians, authors and publishers. Our recent webinar explored the move towards open scholarship and how Taylor & Francis is working with the librarian community to develop solutions to support this development. If you missed the webinar you can watch a recording now.

Open data – drivers and developments

What are the key drivers towards open data? And how are stakeholders working together to implement policies in this area? Leila Jones, Head of Journals Editorial Development, gives an overview of open scholarship beyond open access. She discusses the benefits of open data for the research community, and the need for clear information and guidance for authors. She also covers Taylor & Francis’ data sharing policies and where you can find further information to support your researchers.

The evolving landscape of open access

From the Finch Report in 2012 to Ref 2021, the landscape of open access in the UK has changed rapidly in the last few years. The second part of our webinar looks at the place of the UK in the European and global publishing environment. The UK is leading the way in open access, publishing more research than any other European country. However, China and the USA dominate open access publishing globally, and Japan and Brazil published more open access articles in 2017 than most European countries.

Within this environment librarians are facing increased administration and questions from researchers around licenses and processes. Abbey Sharp, Open Access Sales Executive, explains how we are working in collaboration with librarians to develop solutions which meet individual institutional needs while taking into consideration the differences in open access across the globe. Our philosophy is to be flexible to meet the needs of authors and librarians and offer a choice of routes, journals, licenses and solutions.

Open access solutions

Administration, cost, and communication are some of the issues that librarians are facing when looking to expand open access publishing at their institutions. The final part of our webinar looks at a recent success story from our open access memberships and provides you with a demonstration of our Research Dashboard and how this can help improve your open access workflow.

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