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Routledge revivals

Drawing from over 100 years of innovative, cutting-edge publishing, discover past brilliance and purchase previously out of print and unavailable titles by some of the world’s most eminent academic scholars.

Library benefits

  • A chance to build collections with key previously out of print works.
    A tailored collection of content covering the subjects you need from highly respected academics.
  • Access to previously unavailable works in a range of digital formats
    Allows libraries to broaden their collections with previously unavailable digital versions of works in multiple formats, including PDF, Kindle and eBook.
  • Titles in over 20 different subject areas across Humanities, Education and the Social Sciences
    A chance for libraries to build their collections in a dynamic list of subject areas, with previously unavailable titles, that were instrumental in their time to shaping their subjects.
  • Provides access to titles previously unavailable outside of the UK
    Gives libraries outside of the UK, access to titles originally only published within the home market.
  • Longevity in ensuring titles remain available
    All titles are print on demand and digitised to ensure that the work remains available for many more years to come.


Key thinkers / people of note:

  • Sir Andrew Motion: Literature
  • Hermione Lee: Literature
  • Zygmunt Bauman: Sociology
  • Karl Jaspers: Psychiatrist, Philosopher
  • Malcolm Bradbury: Author (Literature)
  • Simone Weil: Philosopher
  • Emile Durkheim: Sociology
  • Charles Kindleberger: Economist, Historian
  • W. Arthur Lewis: Economist
  • William Makepeace Thackeray: British Novelist and Author
  • C.H. Waddington: Developmental Biologist, Paleontologist, Geneticist, Embryologist and Philosopher
  • G. Lowes Dickinson: Political Scientist and Philosopher
  • Marc Bloch, Historian

Routledge revivals series

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