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Promote the value of Taylor & Francis eBooks in your library

Michael Scott Associate Marketing Manager - Taylor & Francis, Library (Books)

As a librarian it can be difficult to effectively convey the benefits of certain products to people at your institution. At Taylor & Francis we recognise this, which is why we have created two clear, engaging and informative infographics on our eBooks platform to help you. These infographics can either be shared digitally or printed out and pinned up in your library – whichever you think would be the best in spreading awareness!

The first infographic ‘Why use eBooks?‘ aims to explain and communicate the value of eBooks to library patrons. It should also encourage people at your institution to find out more about eBooks as it lists many positives that they provide, such as giving people the ability to access a wide variety of important research right at their fingertips, whilst also freeing up space in their bags!

why use ebooks


The second infographic ‘Your ebooks from Taylor & Francis‘ aims to prompt library patrons to use the Taylor & Francis eBooks that they have access to through their library. It explains what they are, why they are useful to them, where they can find them and how they can start using them. It will allow people to understand that their library provides more resources than just what is on its shelves and will give them an appetite to explore and discover further.your ebooks from t and f

We hope you will find these helpful and look forward to hearing how well they are received.

Click on the images above to download your copy.

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