Article Pass

Save up to 50% on the price of over 4.2 million individual journal articles

Article Pass allows researchers to read, download, and engage with the journal articles they need, when they need them.

The pre-paid, token-based system offers access to research in a cost-effective and flexible way.


What can I access with Article Pass?

Article Pass is available across four different subject areas:

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Social Science & Humanities
Taylor & Francis are the world’s leading publisher of social sciences & humanities, with over 1,400 individual journals.


Icon of 3 interlocking gearsScience & Technology
We have been publishing scientific research since 1798, and now have a portfolio of over 530 established and respected peer-reviewed science and technology journals.


Icon of a medical caseMedical & Pharmaceutical Science
In support of a mission to advance medical research and clinical application, we publish a comprehensive portfolio of rigorous, evidence-based titles, spanning a wide variety of topics and therapeutic subject areas.


Icon of a vialExpert Review & Expert Opinion in one Expert Collection
The Expert Collection is read by over ¼ of a million researchers and healthcare professionals every month. Join them and read content from across this renowned series of journals representing 18 different areas of clinical medicine.


Why choose Article Pass?

Article Pass offers many benefits to researchers and libraries, including:

  • Savings between 15-50%, compared to purchasing individual articles
  • Access to 4.2 million articles, from across 2,800+ journals
  • Set your limits: buy tokens to cover as many as 2,000 articles, or as few as 50
  • Flexible allow access for specific individuals in your team and save year-on-year by rolling over any unused tokens when you renew
  • Customizable: create a personalized package based on your organization’s research needs


How does Article Pass work?

When you buy your Article Pass, you can set the limits according to your needs.

You can add pre-paid tokens to cover as many as 2,000 articles, or as few as 50, with many options in between. Costs start from £1,488 ($1,998/€1,700) for 50 tokens, the more tokens purchased the larger the cost saving.

Article Pass tokens are valid for a 12-month period from time of purchase, but you can keep saving year-on-year by rolling over any unused tokens when you renew.

Find the research you and your researchers need on Taylor & Francis Online, and activate your tokens.

Once purchased, articles will be available across your institution’s server for a total of 24 hours from initial selection. There is also the option to download a PDF version of the article for personal research use.


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