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Development initiatives

Are you a librarian in a resource-constrained part of the world? Do you worry about meeting the needs of your students and researchers? There are several low-cost and no-cost ways you can offer your users access to Taylor & Francis journals.

Taylor & Francis, a founder member of Publishers for Development, is committed to the widest possible distribution of its journals to the research community in developing countries. Through agreements with worldwide organizations, libraries in the developing world can provide access to vital research material at greatly reduced or no cost. Taylor & Francis also offers a range of resources to support authors from around the world in getting published. We also make available waivers and discounts for Open Access for eligible authors.

Some of the initiatives we are involved with are outlined below. To discuss your library’s particular needs please get in touch with the T&F account manager in your region

Special terms for authors and researchers

Researching and preparing your work for submission can be challenging for authors and researchers who have fewer opportunities, whether financial, technological, or otherwise, to access journals – this is where STAR comes in. Special Terms for Authors & Researchers (STAR) is an initiative developed to provide authors and researchers in emerging regions with free access to articles from Taylor & Francis journals.

Since launch over 6,400 authors in 39 countries have used STAR to access articles in the 1,642 participating journals.

Find out more about STAR


Taylor & Francis is a participant in research4life, which is the collective name for the five programmes – HinariAGORAOARE, ARDI, and GOALI – that provide developing countries with free or low cost access to academic and professional peer-reviewed content online.

Eligible libraries and their users benefit from:

  • Online access to up to 77,000 peer-reviewed international scientific journals, books, and databases
  • Full-text articles which can be downloaded for saving, printing or reading on screen
  • Searching by keyword, subject, author or language
  • Resources in several languages
  • Training in information literacy and promotional support

Videos and testimonials from users of research4life resources showcases the impact of access to information in the developing world.

Information in Action: Celebrating Research Advocacy Champions, a booklet made in partnership with INASP, showcases the best stories from the 2016 Research4Life/INASP Advocacy Competition, including those of prizewinners Mary Acanit and Alice Matimba.

Find out more about research4life

The International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP)

The International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP) works with publishers and national consortia (or equivalent bodies) to enable affordable and sustainable access to online resources to meet the information needs of researchers in developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. INASP supports individuals and institutions to produce, share and use research and knowledge, which can transform lives.

Read more about how INASP puts research and knowledge at the heart of development in our interview with Veronika Schaeffler, Programme Officer in the Research Access and Higher Education team at INASP.

Find out more about INASP

Emergency Access Initiative (EAI)

The Emergency Access Initiative (EAI) is a partnership of the National Library of Medicine, the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, the Professional/Scholarly Publishing Division of the Association of American Publishers and other publishers, including Taylor & Francis. The EAI provides temporary free access to full text articles from major biomedicine titles to healthcare professionals, librarians, and the public affected by disasters.

Read more abou the EAI

Association of Commonwealth Universities Low Cost Journals Scheme

The aim of the ACU Low Cost Journals Scheme is to assist universities in Commonwealth developing countries to secure access to high quality print copy journals at an affordable price. The Scheme enables libraries to order print copy journals through the ACU, typically at a discount of around 75–80 per cent (25–20 per cent of the original cover price).

Find out more about ACU Low Cost Journals

Journal Donation Project (JDP)

Through an initiative at New School University, New York, libraries in 34 countries, including those in Eastern Europe and Africa, can purchase print and online subscriptions at highly discounted rates. The JDP is focused on rebuilding major research and teaching libraries in countries that have fallen victim to political or economic deprivation through the provision of current subscriptions and back volume sets of English language scholarly, professional and current events journals.

Find out more about the JDP

Author Aid

AuthorAID is is a free pioneering global network that provides support, mentoring, resources and training for researchers in low and middle income countries. AuthorAID supports over 14,000 researchers in low and middle income countries to publish and communicate their work.

Find out more about AuthorAID

Discounts and waivers on open access APCs

Taylor & Francis is committed to bringing research by scholars in emerging nations to the attention of the global academic community. We also want to make the option to publish open access available to as many researchers as possible. To help achieve this we offer waivers and discounts on the Article Publishing Charges (APCs) normally required to publish in a large number of fully open access journals (T&F Open or Routledge Open).

Find out more about APC waivers
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