How we’re driving the discovery of published research

We prioritize making the research we publish discoverable. This means helping the right research get to the right people at the right time, with as seamless experience as possible. We drive discovery by adhering to world-leading standards, indexing content in popular databases, and partnering with cutting-edge technology organizations and bodies. Read on to learn more.


Discovery Services

What is a discovery service?

A discovery service is an online tool that allows library systems to search across a wide range of content, including resources in print and online. They’re widely used by libraries around the world to help users search for content in an accurate and efficient way.  

We partner with leading discovery services, including: 

By providing complete metadata and full text of our journals to these vendors, our content is indexed fully and accurately. This makes it more visible and discoverable for your users.

Link resolvers

What is a link resolver?

Link resolvers make content discovery and full-text linking easier, acting as a bridge between different databases. When a library subscribes to multiple databases and full-text resources it can prove challenging to work out if an article cited in one database is available elsewhere. Link resolvers help with this by enabling users to move effortlessly between a citation in one database to the full-text in another.

Knowledge Bases and Related Tools (KBART)

To support link resolvers and populate library systems, Taylor & Francis can supply lists of published content in files that are compliant with NISO KBARTII standards (“Knowledge Bases and Related Tools”).

This is a recommended practice ensuring that discovery and management tools work efficiently to preserve the integrity and functionality of knowledge bases.

We can provide KBART files based on our published holdings split out into collections or by Institutional Licence and Entitlement. These lists can be uploaded and maintained by librarians and eResources managers within the chosen Library Management Service (LMS). This allows users to follow up links to content, for example in citations and makes content discovery easier.

Complete KBART Holdings can be provided to any library management service supplier supporting the standard. Listed below are examples of some of the vendors we provide KBART Holdings lists to:

For more information and to find out how to set up your link resolvers, visit Taylor & Francis Online. Or, learn more about our products.