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Taylor & Francis Group works in partnership with editors, societies, associations, and librarians to publish over 2,700 journals delivering crucial research in the fields of social science, humanities, science, technology, and medicine. Our journals are available in a range of different packages, designed to suit every need and budget.



Meet a broad range of user needs with access to content published since 1997 from 24 subject disciplines in three essential libraries.


Offer the opportunity to subscribe to content published since 1997 in a specific discipline across 24 subject areas, along with a further 16 defined and specialist research fields.


A number of topical areas, which are particularly of interest to researchers.


Provides academics and practitioners with Expert Opinions from the entire R&D pipeline, and Expert Review journals covering 18 different areas of clinical medicine.

Article Pass

The Article Pass enables users to access the journal articles they need via a pre-paid system, providing a gateway to a wealth of unsubscribed content.

Title by title

Tailor your collection from over 2,700 journals with a subscription to individual titles.