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Research into Higher Education Abstracts

Research into Higher Education Abstracts is published on behalf of the Society for Research into Higher Education. Containing over 15,000 records, it exists to propagate knowledge about, and encourage discussion of, significant research into higher education.

Educational Research Abstracts

Education Research Abstracts Online (ERA) is an exciting and comprehensive database, comprising over 250,000 fully indexed abstracts which cover the current international research in education.


CHEMnetBASE is a collection of 11 chemistry databases from CRC Press, which can be subscribed to individually or collectively. Includes Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, Combined Chemical Dictionary (CCD) and Dictionary of Natural Products.

Litt’s Drug Eruption and Reaction Database

This unique website allows you to search the profiles of thousands of generic and trade name drugs, while also providing over 125,000 references that link directly to PubMed, enabling you to better diagnose and treat your patients.

Renal Drug Database

Providing access to over 800 drug monographs, The Renal Drug Database is a key source of prescribing information for clinical and medicines information pharmacists.

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