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A single destination platform which hosts a range of award-winning digital resources and a fully comprehensive eBooks platform, covering all major subject areas and sub-disciplines. Our Taylor & Francis eBooks website has been upgraded with new features to help you explore our eBooks titles and find the content most relevant to you. We have enhanced our search features to support easy website navigation, and expanded our offering to include full and partial open access titles, as well as not yet published content.

Flexible eBook purchasing options

Whether your library wants to purchase a single title, a bespoke package (large or small), or an evidence-based acquisition (EBA) package, we can help you build your library collection.

Managing your Taylor & Francis eBooks account

Discover the support available for managing your Taylor & Francis eBooks account, including authentication options, managing MARC records, usage and denials reporting, and more.

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We offer a range of downloadable promotional resources, which are designed to help you spread the word about the Taylor & Francis digital content available to your library patrons.

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Open access books and chapters

All of our OA books and chapters are available to read on Taylor & Francis eBooks.

Discover open access books and chapters available to view and download, and browse OA publishing options.

Open access choices for institutions

Taylor & Francis Group is committed to working collaboratively and creatively with institutions and partners. Explore OA book options for your institution’s research.

Discover OA membership options and get in touch to discuss collaborating.

Open access choices for researchers

Librarians are often a researcher’s first port of call when they want to know about the different publishing options open to them.

Learn how authors can choose to publish their book or chapter OA with Taylor & Francis.

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