Authentication & Remote Access

Taylor and Francis is here to support you with remote access for your library users.

We understand how important remote access is to ensure researchers and students have seamless access to all the content available through their library. We work alongside various partners including Open Athens, Google, Shibboleth Federations, and Get Full Text Research (GetFTR), so that that users are presented with many ways to access the content they need, wherever they are.

Authentication options for Taylor & Francis Online

The information on Taylor & Francis Online details the many ways you can help library users to access journal content whether you’re on or off campus:

  • Institutional IP ranges
    This allows authorized users to access Taylor & Francis content via their institution’s IP address.
  • Proxy access
    This allows library users access via VPN or Proxy Server to enter the institution’s IP range. Taylor & Francis Online will automatically recognize this and grant access to the content their institution has purchased. The most common tool that provides this service is EZProxy.
  • Institutional access using an individual login
    This new feature is now available to all institutional users and doesn’t require any set up by the account administrator. Library users are able to get remote access to their institution’s subscriptions by signing into their individual Taylor & Francis Online account. When users login to Taylor & Francis Online when connected to their campus network, their profile will automatically affiliate with their institution, and they will be able to access the institution’s licensed content by logging in to Taylor & Francis Online for 90 days from any location and on any device.
  • SAML solutions
    We work with both OpenAthens and Shibboleth Federations around the world to provide access via SAML. If your institution has registered with one of these authentication services, library users can access content without being connected to their campus network. Accessing your institution’s subscribed journal content using SAML authentication (Shibboleth and OpenAthens) is now more straightforward with the introduction of SeamlessAccess on Taylor & Francis Online. SeamlessAccess automatically recognizes if you have previously logged into Taylor & Francis Online using Shibboleth or Open Athens and presents your previously used institution as the first option, removing the need to manually search each and every time you want to access journal research articles.
  • Google CASA
    When a user is connected to their institution’s network, either on campus or via a VPN, if they visit Google Scholar Google automatically creates an affiliation between that user and their institution. Library users can therefore continue to immediately access the journals their institution subscribes to when working remotely.
  • Society member access
    Many of our partner societies and associations offer online journal access as part of their membership benefits. Please contact your society for more details.

View our guide to accessing content on Taylor & Francis Online.

If you have any questions or need help setting up remote access then please contact us.


book and ereader
Authentication options for Taylor & Francis eBooks

We have designed Taylor & Francis eBooks to offer institutional users the following authentication options: IP address, Proxy Server, Shibboleth and OpenAthens.

Details on how to enable remote access authentication for ebooks on Taylor & Francis are available here.

Administrators can view users who are registered for their institutions, add/update or remove their Shibboleth/OpenAthens credentials and view IP ranges registered on their institutions account. Full instructions can be found here.

Enabling faster access to research with Get Full Text Research (GetFTR)

Get Full Text Research (GetFTR) is a new, free to use solution that enables faster access for researchers to the published journal articles they need, both on and off campus.

When researchers are using online tools to search for research, GetFTR will provide seamless pathways to the published journal articles they want. Researchers will be able to link directly to the most up to date and best version of an article. To create a seamless experience, researchers will be taken directly to the article, and just the article, from a wide variety of discovery tools that they are already using. Even if a researcher does not have the relevant institutional access to an article, publishers can provide an alternative version of the content.

Taylor & Francis is proud to be part of the initial group of five publishers who have funded GetFTR’s development. To find out more about this service please visit the GetFTR website.