Future Science Group platform migration FAQs

Future Science Group has joined Taylor & Francis. Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) and their answers to support you with a smooth transition.

Taylor & Francis is a leading, international publisher, publishing over 2,700 journals and 8,000 new books each year. They are the proud publishers of the Expert Opinion (EO) and Expert Review (ER) series. Future Science Group’s journals have joined this portfolio and will be known going forward as Expert Medicine journals. They are a natural complement to the EO and ER collections. They are each internationally recognized with expert authors providing critical insights into the latest research, recommending where the research should go next and how it should get there. 

From April 4th 2024, access to Future Science Group journals will be available via Taylor & Francis Online. From that point, journal content up to the end of 2023 is available on Taylor & Francis Online and Future Science Group customers’ access entitlements will also be enabled on Taylor & Francis Online.

Journal content will be dual hosted on Taylor & Francis Online, Future Medicine and Future Science until 24th May 2024, from which point customers will need to access content on Taylor & Francis Online.

Two journals (Concussion and Future Medicine AI) will not be migrating to Taylor & Francis. Any access queries related to these journals should be directed to Danny Al-Khafaji via email: [email protected]

For existing journal customers, access entitlements should automatically be added to your account at Taylor & Francis Online. Your account administrator will be able to see the Future Science Group journals in your holdings.

In some cases, we have identified different account administrators for existing Taylor & Francis accounts to those managing access on the Future Science platforms. We will be contacting both administrators in those instances to ensure the migration process runs smoothly.

For customers who are new to Taylor & Francis, welcome! If we have not identified an existing account for your organization on Taylor & Francis Online, you, or another nominated person from your organization, will need to register as an account administrator to manage your account. We have information and support available to help you with this here: How to register.

Please do take time to ensure your holdings, IP addresses, and account administrator access is accurate on your T&F Online Account. 

Where you have purchased individual subscriptions, your access entitlements will remain the same. Where available, backfile access to 1997 will also be included.  

If your library has purchased a Collection, Taylor & Francis will fulfil the terms of that agreement, however the Concussion journal will no longer feature as part of any agreement as it is not owned by Taylor & Francis. 

If you access the Future Science Group journals through a read and publish agreement, please note that the Concussion journal is owned by a charity and therefore is not part of the new Taylor & Francis collection. 

Otherwise, your access entitlements will remain the same.  

If your library uses prepaid tokens to access content, we will be transferring this service to Taylor & Francis Online on 17th May 2024.

At that point, your tokens will no longer work on Future Medicine or Future Science. Your entitlements will be added to your account on Taylor & Francis Online. Taylor & Francis calls this service ‘Article Pass’.

Article and title-level 301 permanent redirects will be put in place from 24th May 2024.

CrossRef DOIs will also be redirected to point to Taylor & Francis Online from 16th May 2024. 

Taylor & Francis provides industry standard KBART files, and partners with a range of ILS/LMS vendors to help keep your library catalog up-to-date.

In early April 2024 we will be providing these vendors with an update to their knowledgebase to include individual title-level records, open access titles, and a record for the newly-named Expert Medicine packages.  

The vendors we work with include: ExLibris – Alma; Summon/360/Intota; SFX; TDNet; Rialto; OCLC 

Our platform also provides libraries with a tailored list of their institution’s holdings, and some ILS/LMS vendors support automatic updates to their knowledgebase for individual institutions.

More information is available here: How do I set up my link resolver?

Taylor & Francis provides COUNTER-compliant usages statistics for institutions. Details on how to access these are available here: How do I access my Counter & SUSHI usage reports?

Usage data for April and May 2024 will need to be combined from Taylor & Francis OnlineFuture Medicine, and Future Science.

Before Future Medicine, and Future Science close, we strongly advise customers to download usage data as close as possible to May 24th 2024 in order to have a full picture of usage for these journals for your institution. 

T&F staff will be able to provide customers with COUNTER reports for years 2022-2024 until May 2026 if a customer is not able to download their usage stats on time.

We will not be migrating eBooks to a Taylor & Francis platform.

Any institution who has purchased eBooks from Future Science Group, is able to request these from our customer service team for local loading.

If your library wants to receive copies of your eBooks entitlements, please complete this form. Our team will then follow up with you with steps to enable you to safely and securely download copies of your eBooks entitlements.

DOIs will be redirected to a landing page which will include details on how to request a copy of these eBooks.

Our help center for librarians gives step-by-step instructions on how to manage your account. 

If you need further help, our dedicated support team will be delighted to assist: Contact Support

Platform migration library guide

Information on eBooks