Business Leadership & Strategy

Essentials for Improving Business Practices

We curated a selection of chapters from newly available business eBooks from Taylor & Francis. This free sampler provides essential guidance for students and those in leadership positions within their organizations, including innovative leadership techniques and organizational strategies. Download this invaluable resource today and find the right business improvement titles for your digital library.

Featuring the following books & chapters:

  1. The Routledge Handbook of Business Events, “Strategic Event Planning” by Eliza Kitchen
  2. Leadership Failures: Precautionary Tales and Prevention Strategies by Kate M. Fenner, Mark W. Reifsteck, and Peter Fenner
  3. Franchising Strategies: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Success by Ed Teixeira and Richard Chan
  4. Nine Practices of 21st Century Leadership: A Guide for Inspiring Creativity, Innovation, and Engagement by Gary A. DePaul

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