Enhance Your Library with an Evidence Based Acquisition (EBA)

Our Evidence Based Acquisition (EBA) model gives you the ability to provide your patrons with access to a broader range of titles for their research needs, while also allowing you to make the final determination of which titles to purchase for your collection. Based on a year of annual usage analytics, you can feel confident about your purchase with evidence-based data supporting your decisions.

All titles are DRM free and available to an unlimited number of users.

How does EBA work?

  • Firstly, Taylor & Francis will help you determine your initial deposit for an agreed upon list of titles curated for your institution.
  • We will then turn on access to those titles for an agreed upon length of time. Once access is turned on, usage stats are immediately collected and monitored throughout the duration of the EBA.
  • These stats can be sent to you monthly, quarterly or on an as-needed basis, or you can pull your own data as needed.
  • At the end of the EBA, we will help you decide on a selection of titles your institution would benefit most from having perpetual access and ownership of.

What are the benefits of EBA?

  • Provides library users access to an extensive range of content easily, efficiently, and affordably
  • Allows librarians to align budget spend with demonstrated need based on raw usage data
  • Selection of content is directly based on yearly user engagement
  • Allows for experimentation to discover what content will benefit users most
  • Provides flexibility to choose broad or granular access
  • Librarians are in control of making final, informed decisions
  • Choose EBA based on:
    • Large collections (HSS or STEM)
    • 30+ pre-defined by subject collections
    • Multiple subjects defined by publication year
    • Request an entirely bespoke package according to your own institution’s needs
  • Marketing and aftersales support available to help you and your students get the most from any EBA package you choose

Transform your library’s resource collection

Evidence Based Acquisitions (EBAs) are paving the way of the digital future. Enjoy increased flexibility and control of your library’s budget by becoming more involved in the selection of titles that will benefit your users most. We have a solution for budgets of all sizes and will work with you to customize your deposit, timeframe, and title selection.

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