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New Mental Health Titles for Your Digital Collection

Mental health is a true concern for all individuals across all backgrounds and industries. Fortunately, Taylor & Francis is paving the way to better understand this complex and essential matter with easily-accessible eBooks and collections. These titles provide new and invaluable insights, peer-reviewed research, and evidence-based practices. Add them to your digital collection in order to keep your library fresh.

Featured Titles

Positive Health: 100+ Research-based Positive Psychology and Lifestyle Medicine Tools to Enhance Your Wellbeing

by Jolanta Burke, Pádraic J. Dunne, Trudy Meehan, Ciaran A. O’Boyle, Christian van Nieuwerburgh

This comprehensive text offers a wealth of evidence-based tools that can boost both physical and mental wellbeing. This book succeeds in integrating the latest research from the fields of positive psychology and lifestyle medicine, and includes over 100 activities to help you live a good life.

Blue and white book cover with an abstract illustration of a happy person.

Positive Psychology: The Science of Wellbeing and Human Strengths

by Alan Carr

This accessible introduction covers all major positive psychology topics including wellbeing, character strengths, optimism, gratitude, savoring, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence, as well as creativity, giftedness, wisdom, growth mindset, grit, self-esteem, self-efficacy, adaptive defense mechanisms, and more.

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Food and Mental Health: A Guide for Health Professionals

by Gerrie Hughes

Written by an experienced psychotherapist, this book provides professionals in the fields of health and wellbeing with a guide to human relationships with food, and their impact on mental health. Acknowledging how food choices profoundly affect a person’s experience in the world, Hughes offers knowledge and support around how to understand and negotiate the relationship between food and mind.

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Featured eBook Collection

Child & Adolescent Mental Health

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This astounding curated collection presents some of Routledge’s outstanding titles in child and adolescent mental health and wellbeing. It includes professional-level publications and practical books designed for direct use with children, adolescents, and parents. Covering a broad range of issues, from anxiety and trauma to drug abuse and social policy, these books present cutting-edge research and practice in the field.