Flexible eBooks Purchasing

Your Priority is Our Priority

We understand that new and sustainable approaches to learning have never been more crucial than they are today, with the fundamental structures of higher education evolving before our eyes.

If there is anything the resilience of our customers has shown us, it’s that accessibility and flexibility are at the forefront of teaching and learning formats, social interactions, and library purchasing decisions. Taylor & Francis is pleased to offer more flexibility than ever before in support of these priorities.

We are pleased to support you with digital purchasing flexibility to fortify your library’s investments. Review the options below.

Explore Flexible Purchasing

Looking to Purchase Individual Titles or Featured Collections? Purchase via:

  • Perpetual Access
    • A one-time purchase commitment, allowing you and your institution access to content, while retaining ownership. Additionally, you can also add further titles to your collection at any time.
  • Subscription
    • A one-time purchase commitment, allowing you and your institution access to a collection of titles for a set period of time, with the option to renew, and add further titles to your collection.
  • Evidence Based Acquisition (EBA)
    • Select a minimum spend commitment allowing access to a collection of titles on loan for 12 months. At the end, use your minimum spend commitment to select titles for perpetual ownership.

Looking for Flexible Methods of Purchase to Suit Your Needs? Purchase from:

  • Taylor & Francis via the Sales Reps
    • Purchase directly from Taylor & Francis by getting in contact, choosing from any one of the above purchasing models for titles and collections.
  • GOBI (EBSCO), OASIS (ProQuest), or Your Local Agent
    • Purchase Taylor & Francis content via our aggregators or from your local agent.
  • Taylor & Francis eBooks, Self-Service
    • Purchase directly from Taylor & Francis without a middle man! Taylor & Francis eBooks now has eCommerce capabilities, allowing you to order direct from the platform, with immediate access to purchases.

Make Learning More Available

Empower your learners with Taylor & Francis eBooks. Our flexible purchasing models will directly service your users’ research needs and make accessible learning available and useful to as many learners as possible.

Our sales reps are here to help. Support your students in their ground-breaking discoveries by requesting more information. Your priority is our priority, so fill out the form to let us know which offer(s) would best support you.

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