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Set students and faculty up for success with these new and improved digital products from Taylor & Francis, including hundreds of peer-reviewed articles, eBook collections, educational materials, and world-renowned reference tools.

Routledge Resources Online

Providing a diverse range of peer-reviewed articles, overviews, and insights, across a range of disciplines, Routledge Resources Online are the definitive digital encyclopedic reference products for students, instructors, and researchers.

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Education features brand new, specially commissioned content in 9 key areas: Assessment, Multicultural Education, Social and Emotional Learning, Educational Technology, Special Education, Educational Psychology, Curriculum, Instruction, and Educational Leadership. Led by General Editor Douglas Fisher, RRO – Education is an ever-evolving resource covering core and emerging topics in Education. With over 200 entries, intuitive search, and detailed metadata, it is an excellent starting place for students to explore the field and can easily be incorporated into the learning environment. From explaining introductory concepts to providing in-depth understandings of complex issues, RRO – Education is the go-to reference inside and outside the classroom.

Psychology in the Real World provides users with brand new content to support the teaching and learning of Psychology through the context of everyday life. There are over 200 entries across 7 key areas – law, education, social change, work, sport, relationships and health. Led by General Editor Regan Gurung and an international team of academics, this fully peer-reviewed online resource allows students to explore the field of Psychology and investigate both established and emerging topics. New and updated entries are added bi-annually to the resource to ensure that the content reflects the changing nature of the field. The format of short entries allows these core and cutting edge areas to be reflected on, discussed, and tackled in an approachable way, both in the classroom and beyond.

New eBook Collections

Taylor & Francis proudly presents three new outstanding thematic collections with a range of new titles and trailblazing research. Place these new collections on your virtual shelf and offer the best resources to your faculty and students.

Asian Studies

Covering a full range of disciplines across the humanities and social sciences, this collection contains some of Routledge’s top research publications, including recent comparative titles and single country case studies focusing on East, South, and Southeast Asia.

Digital Teaching & Learning

Offering a comprehensive survey of the modern digital education landscape, this collection presents new research and action-oriented titles ideal for teaching, design, and leadership. The list includes books on educational technology, instructional design, online and blended teaching and learning, lifelong learning, and more.

Digital Transformation & the Future of Work

This collection, which spans many disciplinary perspectives, is an invaluable resource for advancing our understanding of the future of work. Topics include remote working, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and workplace surveillance.

Europa Digital Tools

Give your faculty and students access to a world of information with three must-have digital tools for your online library.  

Europa World

Combines the Europa World Year Book and the nine Europa Regional Surveys of the World, delivering fast, impartial economic, political, geographical, and statistical data by country, and in-depth, expert analyses at regional, sub-regional, and country level.

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Europa World of Learning

The premier one-stop source of information on over 40,000 global institutions of higher education and learning and the people who work within them. This product offers regular well-researched content updates and a full range of advanced browsing and search features, making it effortless to discover data in the academic sphere.

World Who’s Who

Curates and validates biographical information on over 70,000 of the 21st century’s most prominent individuals across all fields of human activity. The Europa Biographical Reference editors provide regularly updated information about heads of state, key politicians, religious leaders, artists, researchers, and more.

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