The Taylor & Francis Virtual Library (Books)

Here at Taylor & Francis, we understand that looking through pages and pages of product information can be daunting at the best of times, especially when library budgets are shrinking, and demand for instantaneous access to information is increasing. At the same time, in a world where the library sphere is changing in the face of evolving technologies, we wanted to share in the journey with you, and help along the way, by launching the Taylor & Francis Virtual Library – a single destination portal for product information, multi-media content, and librarian resources.

By utilizing emerging technologies in interactive image annotation and digital storytelling, the Taylor & Francis Virtual Library has been created to act as a single destination portal to deliver instant links to product information, multi-media content, and librarian resources, for ease of exploration. Developing meaningful, lasting partnerships with librarians is a priority for us, so we hope that the portal can aid you in the creation of engaging collections that meet the needs and requirements of your students, faculty, and institution, by providing a single destination portal that helps enhance the understanding of our books digital suite, and the resources on offer to you and your patrons.

Explore the shelves of the bookcases contained within, to discover our e-Book Platforms, such as Taylor & Francis eBooks, and Routledge Handbooks Online. Familiarise yourself with our ever-growing portfolio of Digital Products, such as the Routledge Historical Resources suite’s, History of Economic Thought, History of Feminism, and more coming soon! You will also find links to our Imprints and Subject Areas across a range of different print formats, as well as a variety of Librarian Resources, free to download, helping you to discover and engage with current topics of interest.

We’d love to hear your feedback!

To ensure that the Taylor & Francis Virtual Library fulfils the needs and requirements of our customers, by providing a pleasant and engaging user experience, we want to hear from you. If you have a moment to fill out our survey, we would greatly appreciate your thoughts and opinions. 19th November 2018