Help us shape our 2023 case study

Taylor & Francis wants your input

Taylor & Francis invites you to participate in a Choice case study about how your institution addresses improvements to collections and discoverability services. All case study participants are eligible for a $200 stipend.

Who do we need?

Are you a librarian who has strong relationships with faculty? Are you a faculty member who has strong relationships with librarians? Is your academic library making targeted improvements to collections and discoverability services?  All voices and insights are valuable!

We’re looking for key faculty and library staff members from  community colleges, large public universities, private liberal arts colleges, and private doctoral universities who would like to participate in a Choice case study.

What are our goals?

We will use the information you provide to develop case studies with Choice. Then, we will present our findings in a webinar to provide insight into why these new implementations have become necessary, how they are being deployed, and what the results have been.

Overall, the series will spotlight and acknowledge the market forces that are altering the scholarly content landscape and imposing new challenges—and opportunities—for locating and accessing library resources. 

If you would like to view our previous case studies on textbook affordability, check out our 2022 case study on textbook affordability

What all participants can expect:

  • A 30 minute interview with Choice including the possibility for some follow up questions via email
  • Participation in our webinar on the topics discussed at a later date
  • All participants will receive a $200 stipend after the webinar is completed

Participate in a Choice case study and earn a $200 stipend by filling out this survey:

Let us know what type of institution you represent, topics you are interested in, or any other details you think would be relevant.