Mindfulness Skills from Leading Experts

At Taylor & Francis, we understand that matters surrounding mental health and wellness for our authors, librarians, faculty and students are more important than ever before. We are pleased to offer our latest chapter sampler, “Mindfulness Skills from Leading Experts,” to provide our customers with essential information and advice on how to support their personal and professional development during these uncertain times.

Topics include stress trauma recovery, mediation tactics, adolescent wellness, and powerful mindfulness strategies. It also includes a clinicians a step-by-step guide to utilizing mindfulness and related practices to help traumatized patients. In addition, this chapter sampler integrates mindfulness practices with the science of stress and trauma recovery to enhance our natural capacities for growing, thriving, and stress resilience.

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Chapter Sampler Mindfulness Skills from Leading Experts

Table of Contents:

Mindfulness and Meditation for Stress and Trauma
Lynn C. Waelde
Mindfulness and Meditation in Trauma Treatment

Adolescent Challenges and the Promise of Self-Compassion
Lorraine Gonzales Hobbs, Niina Tamura, Christopher Germer
Teaching Self-Compassion to Teens

The Liberating Power of Mindfulness
Ronald D. Siegel
The Extraordinary Gift of Being Ordinary

Experience Mindfulness
Linda Varon Weston
Mindfulness for Young Adults

Genuine Mental Health: Offering up the Illusion of Self
Lisa Dale Miller
Effortless Mindfulness

Living Mindfully
Christine Dunkley, Maggie Stanton
Using Mindfulness Skills in Everyday Life

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