Thursday Talks: Local Insights, Global Impact

Stay in the loop of the knowledge series

In a world where academic excellence is paramount, your institution plays a pivotal role in shaping the research community. Taylor & Francis recognizes these contributions, both locally and globally, and is thrilled to introduce a knowledge-sharing video series— Thursday Talks, designed to empower the academic and research community.

The Purpose

Thursday Talks unfolds with concise video segments, each addressing critical topics shaping the contemporary educational landscape. From digital evolution to sustainability, from ensuring copyright to AI & automation, from local insights to global impact, on Thursdays we bring to you an empowering series that covers a spectrum of subjects critical to modern research.

The initiative including discussions on sustainability, post-pandemic library services, and global outreach, is enriched by contributions from esteemed institutions worldwide.

Ongoing Engagement: Social Media Impact and Community Participation

As the initiative gains traction, we’re pleased to share that the videos are already available on our YouTube and Facebook channels. The positive reception and engagement on these platforms reflect the resonance of “Thursday Talks” within the academic and research communities. Click here to view the YouTube playlist.

In our commitment towards knowledge- sharing, we welcome suggestions for additional topics that interests you. The depth and diversity of conversations sparked by these talks aim to contribute to a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the academic realm.

Flexibility in Participation: A Variety of Perspectives

With the flexibility in participation options, including video submissions, audios or blog contributions, we encourage you to share your unique perspectives. We invite you to explore these engaging discussions, gain valuable insights, and participate through any feasible medium to share your insights with the world.

Thursday Talks represents our dedication to fostering a global exchange of knowledge, bridging gaps between continents and institutions. We are excited about the impact these discussions will have on shaping the future of higher education.

Engage, Share, and Empower

Visit our playlist to access the latest videos, engage in meaningful conversations, and stay informed about the trending topics covered in Thursday Talks.

Your active engagement, whether through likes, comments, or shares, contributes to the collective growth and knowledge-sharing within the academic and library communities.

Together, let’s continue the journey of empowering higher education through meaningful discussions.