Marketing the library: a free article collection

With university budgets under close scrutiny, the ongoing relevance of the library being questioned, the drive for learning and research excellence accelerating, fake news proliferating, and students, faculty and researchers facing an almost limitless search for authoritative information, the importance of communicating the value of your library cannot be underestimated.

Taylor & Francis’ portfolio of Library and Information Science journals is an invaluable source of cutting-edge research, initiatives and current thinking about how to market your library.

Some of our most popular articles on marketing the library are now free to access for a limited period:

Marketing is our game: tackling the library awareness gap (2016)
Robin A. Bedenbaugh
Public Services Quarterly

Building Brand Love and Gaining the Advocacy You Crave by Communicating Your Library’s Value (2017)
Amanda B. Albert
Journal of Library & Information Services in Distance Learning

How to Market your Library’s Electronic Resources (2014)
Hillary A. H. Richardson & Marie R. Kennedy
The Serials Librarian

Developing a Marketing Orientation in Hospital Library Services: A Case Report (2015)
Basia Delawska-Elliott, Carrie Grinstead & Heather J. Martin
Medical Reference Services Quarterly

Strategic CRM: Improving the Business of Academic Libraries (2015)
Lora Leligdon, Todd Quinn & Lea Briggs
College & Undergraduate Libraries

Promoting the Library Through the Collection Development Policy: A Case Study
Rick L. Fought, Paul Gahn & Yvonne Mills (2014)
Journal of Electronic Resources in Medical Libraries

Envisioning the Academic Library: A Reflection on Roles, Relevancy and Relationships (2014)
Geraldine Delaney & Jessica Bates (2014)
New Review of Academic Librarianship

Assessing ‘Goodness’: A Review of Quality Frameworks for Australian Academic Libraries (2017)
Alissa Sputore & Megan Fitzgibbons (2017)
Journal of the Australian Library and Information Association

The Reference Desk, Points-of-Sale, and the Building of Loyalty: Applications of Customer Relationship Management Techniques to Library Marketing (2013)
Glenn Masuchika
The Reference Librarian

Library Public Relations: Recent Articles on Marketing and Branding in University Libraries (2009)
Robert N. Matuozzi (2009)
Public Services Quarterly

Marketing the Hospital Library (2008)
Medical Reference Services Quarterly
Jane Bridges ML, AHIP

Marketing the Library in a Digital World (2010)
Kerry Cole, Tonia Graves & Pam Cipkowski
The Serials Librarian

Marketing the Academic Library (2008)
Heather Empey & Nancy E. Black
College & Academic Libraries

Strategic Marketing of Library Resources and Services (2011)
Debbi A. Smith
College & Academic Libraries