Enhanced KBART features new to Taylor & Francis online

A new feature on Taylor and Francis Online makes it possible to provide KBART files by institutional license and entitlement.

What is KBART?

KBART (Knowledge Bases and Related Tools) files are a NISO standard for creation, delivery and ingestion of publisher holdings and/or library entitlements into library management cataloguing and discovery services.

This is an integral part of the discovery layer.  With KBART a library’s discovery service knows which journals a library has access to from a publisher.  This allows your library users to search the content the library has purchased and when found click through to the content hosted on the publisher’s platform.

What’s new?

A new Taylor & Francis Online feature makes it possible to provide KBART files based on published research accessed by institutional license and entitlement.  These lists can be uploaded and maintained by Librarians and eResource Managers within the chosen library management service so that users can seamlessly follow up links to content, for ease of content discoverability.

This new feature ensures that there is full coverage and accurate links in library management and discovery services and that all licensed content is discoverable in library discovery services.

How to access?

To access these files, simply login to your institutional account on Taylor and Francis Online and select ‘Holdings’ from the menu.