Global Librarianship

Worldwide Perspectives from Librarians

This curated collection of articles and book chapters from Taylor & Francis brings together perspectives from global librarians on important topics and challenges facing librarians today.

Now featuring an updated selection of book chapters and journal articles:
  1. Why Are You Brown? Racial Microaggressions in Canadian Academic Libraries by Dee Winn
  2. Librarians’ perspectives from Croatia, Portugal and the UK: What Is Changing in Teaching (Digital) Media Education due to COVID-19 by ByIgor Kanižaj, Maria José Brites, Luis Pereira
  3. Librarians and information literacy instruction in Morocco, Italy, and France during the pandemic: Reflecting on Challenges and Future Opportunities by Michael Stöpel, Aziz El Hassani, Livia Piotto
  4. At What Cost? : Missouri Librarians and the Struggle for Intellectual Freedom by Joe Kohlburn
  5. Libraries and Library Professions in Africa, in Confront of the Emerging Trends and Challenges by Asmaa Bouaamri, Fredrick Otike, Agnes Hajdu Barat
  6. Perspectives of Librarians on Awareness and Readiness of Academic Libraries to Integrate Artificial Intelligence for Library Operations and Services in Nigeria by Yusuf Ayodeji Ajani, Adeyinka Tella, Khadijah Yetunde Salawu, Firdausi Abdullahi

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