Making our digital platforms more accessible

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An accessibility statement is an important part of making digital content accessible to all, especially those with disabilities. Taylor & Francis now features in the top 3 of ASPIRE’s list of publishers, which ranks publishers by their accessibility statement. Our silver rating and score of 71% reflect our commitment to making content accessible to as wide an audience as possible. Read on to find out:  

  • What is an accessibility statement? 
  • About ASPIRE  
  • Steps we’re taking to improve accessibility

What is an accessibility statement? 

An accessibility statement explains the accessibility of digital content or a website, with information to guide users such as: 

  • Accessibility technology and alternative formats available  
  • Accessibility policies and standards  
  • How to contact the company if you encounter problems  

Disabilities can take many forms including visual, motor, and cognitive. And a clear accessibility commitment helps students and staff understand what parts of a website users can access and which require alternative formats.  

As a librarian, it’s likely you’ll be supporting hundreds of new students each year in accessing content from their reading lists, so having this information clearly available and signposted is key.  

Read our accessibility statement

What is ASPIRE?

ASPIRE provides expert assessment of publisher, eBook platform, educational institution, and public sector website accessibility statements. It was started in 2018 to provide a health check on accessibility information in the publishing industry – an initiative supported by publishers, librarians, and e-book providers.   

Steps we’re taking to improve accessibility

Throughout 2019, our Accessibility Working Group worked to publish our Accessibility Statement, based on ASPIRE’s best practice guidelines. Since then, we’ve been progressing further. Recent developments include:   

We’re now in the top 3 of ASPIRE’s list of Publishers, with a silver rating and score of 71%. This marks the culmination of years of effort to improve the accessibility of our digital platforms and products. Read the press release about the announcement.  

But it doesn’t stop there. We’re aiming for a gold rating from ASPIRE in future, and are working to bring new updates and developments in this area.   

Bookmark our accessibility statement for full details on our commitment to accessibility