Optimizing Academic Wellness

At Taylor & Francis, we understand that matters surrounding mental health and wellness for librarians, students, and faculty, are more important than ever before. We are pleased to offer our latest chapter sampler, “Optimizing Academic Wellness,” to provide our customers with essential information and advice on how to support their academic communities during these uncertain times.

Topics include overcoming self-limiting beliefs, creating and sustaining healthy environments, stress coping strategies, lifestyle and brain health, and ways to offset the adverse effects of sedentary behavior.

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Optimizing Academic Wellness Cover

Table of Contents:

Belief is Half the Battle!
J. Kim Penberthy, J. Morgan Penberthy
Living Mindfully Across the Lifespan: An Intergenerational Guide

Creating a Healthy Ethos and

Rona Tutt, Paul Williams
How to Maximise Emotional Wellbeing and Improve
Mental Health: The Essential Guide to Establishing a
Whole-School Ethos

Stress and Coping
Gary W. Wood
The Psychology of Wellbeing

Lifestyle Medicine and Brain Health
James M. Rippe
Manual of Lifestyle Medicine

Overcoming Sedentary Behavior
James M. Rippe
Increasing Physical Activity: A Practical Guide

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