Textbook Affordability Survey Report – Librarian Perspective

This report looks at the current state of textbook affordability concerns from the perspective of 238 academic librarians who have been playing a leading role in acquiring eBooks and other digital materials for academic libraries in addition to traditional print materials. Individual faculty decide what academic materials are required and available for their academic courses, they often do so in conjunction or collaboration with librarians. The matter of textbook affordability is not an idle one.  If students are unable to afford textbooks and other required materials, they are likely to under-perform or fail to graduate, which can have a negative effect both on the students’ ability to succeed and the reputation of academic institutions. 

Librarians report that they are challenged by the receptivity of getting faculty on board to add digital resources. Many would like to see better communication and collaboration between the faculty and themselves.  

Topics Included in this report: 

  • Strategies for access and affordability to digital resources and other affordable textbooks 
  • Different disciplines and course types that lend for better access to affordable digital textbooks 
  • Charts and data reporting the academic level of colleges, public or private institutions, and size of the institutions that were surveyed 

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