Knowledge Unlatched Open Access Collections

What is Knowledge Unlatched?

Knowledge Unlatched was established in 2012. Knowledge Unlatched (KU) offers free access to scholarly content for every reader across the world. Their online platform provides libraries worldwide with a central place to support open access models from leading publishing houses and new open access initiatives.  

Knowledge Unlatched has an advisory board. KU then sends the titles to libraries to pledge to convert the titles to open access if they have enough interest.  

Taylor & Francis Partnership with Knowledge Unlatched 

Taylor & Francis have collaborated with Knowledge Unlatched to unlock KU Select titles as well as two subject specific collections in Gender Studies and African Studies. The Knowledge Unlatched titles have been made open access through libraries coming together to crowd fund the publication cost. Each monograph has been released as open access making the eBook freely available to readers worldwide.

The result of these universities collaborating with the project collections of key research gaining increasing impact and visibility.

Benefits for Libraries 

  • Research has found that open access book chapters are downloaded 7 times more than non-open access titles, were cited 50% more and mentioned online 10 times more. 
  • For libraries, MARC records will be provided for seamless cataloging of titles. In addition, quarterly usage reports will be distributed to demonstrate the impact and uptake of these titles.  
  • Supporters receive 35% discount on print editions of these titles in recognition of KU participation  
  • Guaranteed Access: Libraries who pledge their support to a specific collection will be guaranteed free access to the digital version of all the books included in the collection – either to the open access version or the closed digital version should the full funding target not be reached. 

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