7 Taylor & Francis Open Access Titles

Taylor & Francis Open Access Books have been publishing open access books and chapters since 2013. We have collaborated with researchers to build one of the largest open access book and chapter collections and are delighted to be able to showcase open access book and chapter content across all subjects covered by Routledge, CRC Press and our other imprints in the humanities, social sciences and behavioral sciences. Below are a few handpicked titles that are available to read.

1) Social Networks with Rich Edge Semantics 

In a time when social distancing is required, social networks are more important than ever. We must remember to retain relationships with family, friends and colleagues through phone, email, and social media.  

This book introduces a new mechanism for representing social networks. Relationships can be drawn from a range of realistic possibilities, including different types of relationships, different strengths in the directions of a pair, positive and negative relationships, and relationships whose intensities change with time. 

2) Multifunctional Land Uses in Africa 

This book presents contemporary case studies of land use, management practices, and innovation in Africa with a view to exploring how multifunctional land uses can alleviate food insecurity and poverty. This book will be of great interest to students and scholars of African development, agriculture, food security, land use and environmental management, as well as sustainable development more generally, in addition to policymakers and practitioners working in these areas. 

3) Shakespeare in Hate: Emotions, Passions, Self-hood 

We may not be able to go to a theater or perform for a live audience for a long time, but we can still discuss and experience Shakespeare.  

This book studies how the tirades and unrestrained villainy of Shakespeare’s art explode the decorum and safety of our sanitized lives and challenge the limits of our self-hood. Everyone knows Shakespeare to be the exemplary poet of love, but how many celebrate his clarifying expressions of hatred? 

4)  Martial Arts and Well-Being: Connecting Communities and Promoting Health 

Right now, it is impossible for formal martial arts activities to occur. Marital arts benefits lifestyle and health. Practicing marital arts on your own is a way to participate in marital arts by social distancing,  

This book draws on data from over 500 people, across all age ranges, and powerfully demonstrates that participating in martial arts can have a profound influence on the construction of behavior patterns that are directly linked to lifestyle and health.  

5)  Young People, Social Media and Health 

The urgent need for young people to be supported in their engagement with social media is more significant now during COVID-19. Social media provides opportunities to connect young people with friends and family members. In contradiction, social media can impact mental health and well-being negatively. Social media has become immensely popular, and in recent years mental health disorders among young adults has become more common. At this time of social distancing and isolation, social media can be an invaluable tool for keeping in touch with friends, loved ones, and the wider world. It is important to be mindful of how it makes you feel. If spending time on social media exacerbates stress, anxiety, and uncertainty, take steps to limit your engagement. 

 Young People, Social Media and Health draws on novel research to understand, explain, and illustrate young people’s experiences of engagement with health-related social media; as well as the impacts they report on their health, well-being, and physical activity. 

6)  Connecting Policy and Practice: Challenges for Teaching and Learning in Schools and Universities 

With classroom teaching remote, teaching is more difficult than ever. This book will help present challenges for teaching and learning in schools and universities. 

This detailed book is clearly split into five sections focusing on the following themes: 

  • Teacher education – professional identity, professional research, and quality of teacher education
  • Teacher practice – basic values, ethics, and cultural scaffolding
  • Higher education – academic motivation, discourse dissonance concerning intellectual property and self-studies of teacher education practice
  • Teacher development – the challenge to be the best teacher, the link between policy and practice, personal theory and practice in tertiary development
  • Research and theory – reflective practice, shared democratic values and teachers as researchers.  

7) The Psychology of Becoming a Successful Worker 

Right now, we are all working remotely. It is important we recognize ourselves and each other for successful work. 

Success at work is often associated with career-oriented individuals who sacrifice other areas of life to achieve highly in the workplace, but success can also be defined in other ways. It can consist of attaining knowledge, competence and accomplishment stemming from an inner drive and creating an expression of mastery. 

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