T&F’s Responsible Books Package

For Librarians

Our EBA & Open Package offers your readers the chance to both access the content they need and publish their own research open access.

Our Evidence-Based Acquisition (EBA) model allows you to select a book content pool by subject area, year of publication – or even something entirely bespoke, and pledge a deposit that is significantly less than the content selected.

At the end of the contract period, you are armed with usage data to help identify the content you would like to keep, thus tailoring your chosen titles to the specific needs of your institution.

For Authors

Your Library then has the option to fund the Open Access publication of your book at a reduced Book Publishing Charge (BPC).

The discount depends on the size of your institution’s deposit for the eBooks in the EBA agreement.

This discount will support the growth of open access book publishing for your institution for the duration of the EBA agreement.

Together we can provide greater alignment and value for all

This package brings together faculty and library needs and publishing models to offer more for less, for a more responsible publishing future.

Benefits of Our EBA & Open Package

  • When you help your faculty publish more Open Access Books at a lower cost, you increase the volume of free to access research content from your institution available to the global audience. This in turn increases your institution’s profile and impact.
  • Students are also provided with access to more content than from a traditional subscription model.
  • The EBA & Open package resolves disparate decision making by bringing read and write propositions together, thereby streamlining decision-making and maximising library budgets. It also helps to evidence your institution’s commitment to responsible knowledge creation and access.

Evidence- Based Acquisition

Flexible and tailored options: The easiest way to buy for your library

Depth & Breadth of Content

Choose from a selection of 150,000+ eBooks from Taylor & Francis

Flexible Options

Select a content pool according to your own library’s specific needs & requirements.

Flexible Timing

Choose your own start date, select single or multi-year EBA.

Unrestricted Access

DRM free content (no usage/printing limits)

Technical, Practical, & Marketing Support Available

Make the most of your EBA with our tailored support.

Taylor & Francis is proud to offer innovative and pioneering business models to drive growth of Open Access books.

The EBA & Open package has been born directly out of customer desire to deliver a more affordable, responsible and rounded offering for institutions. Our flexible approach means we want to listen, learn, partner and evolve our publishing models to further support knowledge makers, instructors and providers in achieving their goals. Please reach out and talk to us if you would like to share your ideas.

“Both OA books and chapters have significantly higher use on social networks, higher coverage in the mass media and blogs, and evidence of higher rates of social impact in policy documents. OA chapters have higher rates of coverage on Wikipedia than their non-OA equivalents and are more likely to be shared on Mendeley.”

1 Taylor, M. An altmetric attention advantage for open access books in the humanities and social sciences. Scientometrics 125, 2523–2543 (2020). https://doi.org/10.1007/s11192-020-03735-8

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