Publish fast. Openly. Without restrictions.

F1000Research is one of the first open research publishing platforms of its kind. It was launched in 2013 by innovative publisher F1000 – the earliest publisher to truly embrace open access publishing.

F1000Research offers researchers a rapid transparent, author-centered experience that maximizes the discoverability of their work. The publishing platform is for all scientists, scholars, and clinicians.

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6 reasons to publish with F1000Research

  • Rapid publication

Articles can be published within as few as 14 days and other research outputs can be published within days. Quick publication of new findings accelerates discovery and innovation.

  • Supports a range of research output types

F1000 supports the publication of a wide variety of outputs, from research articles to non-traditional research formats such as data notes and registered reports, providing appropriate credit for everyone involved.  

  • Reproducible

Authors are required to publish all supporting non-sensitive data, enabling reanalysis, replication, and reuse, which improves research reproducibility.

  • Inclusive

Editorial decisions are not made based on the topic or perceived impact of the work, meaning that negative and null results are encouraged.

  • Transparent peer review

Open, invited peer review by experts follows publication. All comments, responses and revisions are published alongside the article so that they are fully visible, building trust and confidence in the quality of published work. 

  • Open

Everyone can access all published content on F1000Research.

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