CHEMnetBASE is a collection of 9 cutting edge interactive chemistry databases that provide instant access to authoritative content. Institutions and corporations can subscribe to databases individually, or the CHEMnetBASE as a whole.

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The CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics Online has several interactive tools and features. It is designed to help users access trusted chemical and physical data in a seamless manner. Users can use graphing software to visualize their search results, customize their workspace, create bookmarks and access an archive of previous editions.

Spanning the breadth of chemistry, the Combined Chemical Dictionary provides access to chemical, physical and structural data on organic compounds, natural products, inorganic and organometallic compounds, and drugs. The presence of powerful search software allows sophisticated text and structure searches to be performed easily.

Dictionary of Natural Products is a comprehensive structure database of natural products. Continually reviewed to keep pace with the current literature, this database is the most comprehensive source of natural product information available. Additionally, each natural product is linked, via the species name, to Catalog of Life (, thereby providing authoritative taxonomic information.

Dictionary of Organic Compounds has built a world-wide reputation as an indispensable reference work over its 80 years of publication, and covers a wide range of organic compounds – synthetic reagents, starting materials, fundamental compounds of simple structure, pesticides, and commonly used chemicals.

Presenting accurate, up-to-date and concise information on currently marketed drugs, those undergoing clinical trials, and pharmacological tools, Dictionary of Drugs is a one-stop resource for the medicinal chemist.

Dictionary of Marine Natural Products is a comprehensive resource for natural products isolated from marine organisms.

Dictionary of Food Compounds contains comprehensive information on compounds found in food, including additives, flavors, natural food constituents, contaminants and nutraceuticals.

Polymers: A Property Database provides scientific and commercial information on over 1,100 polymers in a single, first-stop reference invaluable to anyone involved with polymer science or technology.

Now with a modern interface, Properties of Organic Compounds contains over 30,000 of the most commonly sought organic compounds, featuring physical data, spectral data, and structures. An easy-to-use tool for identifying unknown compounds, or for locating additional data for a known compound.

Key features

  • New customization – enables users to set up search fields, hit list columns and save as their defaults.

  • Save searches – improved functionality allows users to create and save their searches and columns in their list associated with them, which allows for easy reloading of previous results.

  • Improved entry display – allows users to expand and collapse compound sections within an entry for easy reading.

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