19th Century British Society

19th Century British Society is an exciting new online platform that brings together the best and most relevant scholarship from Taylor & Francis, its imprints, and its authors. 

It is the fourth offering from the new Routledge Historical Resources online programme that will provide both academics and students with an in-depth research tool for studying the long nineteenth century through thematic collections in areas such as Feminism, the History of Economic Thought, Empire and Political History. 

This resource covers the fascinating subject of British Society and focuses on the period 1789-1914. It contains an extensive range of primary and secondary resources, including full books, selected chapters, and journal articles, as well as new thematic essays and videos, and subject introductions on its ten key structural themes:

1. Gender and Sexuality

2. Race and Empire

3. Recreation and Consumption

4. Family and Demography

5. Rural and Urban Life

6. Class and Work

7. Agencies and Institutions

8. Crime and Punishment

9. States of Mind

10. Health and Welfare

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Key features

  • The majority of the content on the British Society resource covers the period 1789-1914 

  • More than 4,500 chapters of Primary source content, much of which is available here for the first time electronically 

  • More than 3,000 chapters of Secondary source content 

  • Over 100 journal articles from a range of Taylor & Francis journals 

  • 16 newly commissioned essays written by experts in the field 

  • 11 newly commissioned video essays by experts in the field 

  • Image gallery containing 82 images  

  • An introductory video to the subject and resource from the academic editors, Professor Martin Hewitt and Professor Susie Steinbach 

  • Short introductions to the 10 key subjects of British Society written by the academic editors 

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