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The Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy Online is the largest and most comprehensive resource available for all those involved in the study of philosophy. It is a trusted source of quality information, providing access to over 2,800 articles that have been edited for level and consistency by a team of renowned subject experts.  

The resource is regularly updated with new and revised articles, making it the ideal entry point for further discovery and research. The Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy Online is clearly organized with over 25,000 cross-references linking themes, concepts, and philosophers. It is also an ideal reference source for those in subjects related to philosophy, such as politics, psychology, economics, anthropology, religion, and literature.

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Key features

  • Each article is fully cross referenced and hyperlinked, ensuring that further research is as easy as possible.

  • Archive Feature – provides free access to articles that have been revised or replaced.

  • Article Summaries are available at the beginning of articles without restriction.

  • Playlists – guest edited selections of articles from the site provide a great starting point into a theme or topic.

  • Cite Button – articles can be cited at the click of a button making referencing simple and quick.

  • Share your finds – each article can be shared through Twitter, Facebook, or at the click of a button.

  • Every article is written with the undergraduate student in mind, making sure there is a consistent writing style across the site.

  • 30 overview articles – providing an introduction to the most studied topic areas.

  • A glossary of terms is available.

  • Teaching and learning resources – includes commentary, learning objectives, and questions for self-review.

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“Since its publication, Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy has become the leading work in its field. The Web version transforms this important title into a dynamic Web resource that will continually grow and be updated… An important resource for students and faculty wherever philosophy is taught.”


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