Routledge Handbooks Online

Routledge Handbooks Online brings together the world’s leading scholars to provide an innovative cutting-edge overview of classic and current research from Routledge, and CRC Press – across the Humanities, Social Sciences, Education, Psychology, Engineering, and Built Environment. It also provides an authoritative guide to theory and method, the key sub-disciplines, and the primary debates of today. Offering unrivalled breadth and depth of authoritative and cutting-edge research, Routledge Handbooks Online is an essential educational resource for students, faculty and professionals.  

Routledge Handbooks Online is now integrated with our Taylor & Francis eBooks site with an updated user interface and all the benefits has to offer. Every title in Routledge Handbooks Online is surrounded with meaningful metadata and abstracts at a chapter level. This makes it fully searchable and browsable, providing a functionality of greater value to the student and researcher.   

Key features

  • The latest high-quality and trusted research written by the world’s leading academic experts. 

  • Comprehensive overviews and fresh approaches to traditional and current topics across the Humanities, Social Sciences, Education, Psychology, Engineering, Science, and Built Environment. 

  • Over 100,000 chapters from over 3,000 volumes, with new titles added each month. 

  • A fully accessible platform with intuitive search and detailed metadata. 

  • All titles are DRM-free. 

  • All content is available in PDF format and to read online. 

  • All chapters are accompanied by an abstract and rich metadata that makes searching and research more efficient and effective. 

  • Intuitive search tools enable users to find exactly the material they need across the Handbooks’ multiple subject areas, with peer-reviewed content that ensures quality of research. 

  • Full text DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) and Usage Statistics to aid discoverability and ensure library patrons are accessing the materials they need – including COUNTER 5 usage statistics and denials data. 

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