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To help you make the most of your open access agreement with Taylor & Francis we’ve created this dedicated resource site. Read on for a go-to-guide on your deal, resources for authors, and information on how to use your Research Dashboard account.

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Guide to your deal

What does this open access agreement mean for authors?
When an article is published gold open access, the final published version (or Version of Record) is permanently and freely available online.

Corresponding authors at participating institutions may publish their article gold open access with a fully funded Article Publishing Charge (APC). Authors will be able to choose to publish open access if their article is accepted to the journal following peer-review.

Which journals are covered by this agreement?
All Open Select (hybrid) journals are included for publishing in this agreement. Any journal with an APC of £3000 or more has a more limited article cap of 1.56% of the total annual article cap. We will monitor this and let you know if this comes close to being reached. Fully Open Access titles are not included. If you would like to discuss setting up centralised funding for Fully Open Access titles, do get in touch with [email protected], who will be able to discuss the options available.

How will authors know if their article has been approved for open access publication?
Shortly after their article is approved, authors will receive an email notification. They will be asked to choose an open access license for the article. More information is available on our Author Services site.

Are all types of publication included?
Only original research papers are covered by the agreement.

The eligible article types are:

  • Article
  • Review
  • Research Article
  • Review Article
  • Report
  • Short Communication
  • Case Report
  • Note
  • Original Article
  • Guest Editorial

Some articles which are not original research papers, such as Editorials, Announcements, and Book Reviews, are not covered by this open access publishing agreement. If you have a question about eligible article types, please contact Taylor & Francis.

What are the dates of the agreement?
The article will need to be accepted for publication between January 1 2021 and December 31 2023.

License options

Our journals offer a choice of licenses. Authors can find out which licenses their chosen journal offers using our open access journal finderIf an author declares funding from a funder that requires a CCBY licence, CCBY will be the only option available to them. 

CC BY (Attribution) 

  • Others can distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon the article
  • Original author must be credited
  • Can reuse commercially

CC BY-NC-ND (Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives)

  • Others can download article and share it with others
  • Original author must be credited
  • Article can’t be changed in any way
  • Cannot reuse commercially

Research Dashboard

Research Dashboard Screenshot

To approve or decline articles for open access funding log in to your Research Dashboard account at

A full user guide is available below

Author workflow and Research Dashboard demonstration

View our webinar explaining the workflow for authors and how to use Research Dashboard to approve or decline article funding.


  • 0.00-1.04: Introduction and key contacts
  • 1.05-4.11:  Overview of author workflow
  • 4.12-12.02: Author workflow in detail
  • 12.03-21.04: Research Dashboard demonstration

Author Information

Find out more about the publishing process for authors with our interactive infographic. Click the + icons to view author emails and systems.

Author Publication process for hybrid journals, a guide for librarians

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