Global Librarianship

Perspectives from Librarians in Five Countries

How are librarians around the world innovating to improve user experience? How can librarians use space design to influence patron behavior? This curated collection of articles and book chapters from Taylor & Francis brings together perspectives from global librarians on important topics and challenges facing librarians today.

Featuring the below book chapters and journal articles:
  1. Jordanian Public Libraries in Relation to Achieving SDGs: Shoman Library in Action by Dina Tbaishat (in ‘Public Library Quarterly’)
  2. UX and a small academic library by Margaret Westbury (in ‘User Experience in Libraries: Applying Ethnography and Human-Centred Design’)
  3. Removing the invisibility cloak: Using space design to influence patron behavior and increase service desk usage by Stephanie Pierce and Amanda Schilling (in ‘Journal of Access Services’)
  4. Return on Investment (ROI) from a Business School Library: An Indian Perspective by Dr H. Anil Kumar (in ‘Business School Libraries in the 21st Century’)
  5. Managing the Personnel in University Libraries: A Developing Country Perspective by Nosheen Fatima Warraich and Kanwal Ameen (in ‘International Information & Library Review’)
  6. Finding Common Ground: An Analysis of Librarians’ Expressed Attitudes Towards Faculty by Lisa M. Given and Heidi Julien (in ‘Relationships Between Teaching Faculty and
    Teaching Librarians’)

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