Communicating the Library’s Value

“Technological advances are transforming academic libraries. In the midst of this constantly evolving environment, libraries need to ensure that they are still relevant to their users. This is often at the forefront of industry commentary, reflecting the importance and the scale of the challenges. However, there are gaps in the commentary – this research seeks to fill these gaps, revealing areas where libraries must take action in order to provide a thorough service in a world which is increasingly impacted by developments in digital technology.”

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Following 2016’s Creative, Evolving, Relevant: Communicating the Library’s Value, which focused on the ways librarians communicate the library’s value to students and faculty members, this white paper explores the ways librarians communicate value to decision-makers such as university administrators.

This Taylor & Francis White Paper explores the innovative ways that libraries are communicating their value to a range of stakeholders. The tactics we’ll explore include:

  • key elements of digital marketing
  • engaging with faculty
  • hosting successful events
  • and making the time for these activities by adopting lean practices.
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Marketing and outreach are the backbone of an academic library’s advocacy. In order to advocate successfully, libraries need to determine who their constituents are and how to best market their programs and services to them.