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How libraries are applying social media

Content & Communications Team Taylor & Francis

How are libraries using social media to the advantage of their institutions, and how do they go about doing this? Taylor & Francis went out to investigate exactly that in our white paper, using our three focus groups based in the UK, US and India.

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Our case studies revealed four key findings:

1. Collection usage & discovery

Social media platforms are useful for promoting books and collections, as well as obtaining information on what are popular or unpopular with users.

2. Customer service

Students tend to be very active on social media, and librarians have embraced popular platforms as a way of communicating with users to provide customer service, as well as networking with other libraries for this purpose.

3. Teaching & learning

Websites such as Youtube are great for gathering new information, to educate yourself as well as educating users. Libraries can use social media platforms to post insights into specific materials and collections, to educate as well as promote what is available.

4. Outreach

Sharing pictures and other content is a good way of letting users know what the library is up to. This can be for specific events, new developments or simply for the purpose of showing users what it can

To find out more about how libraries are applying social media, download our infographic, or get the full picture by downloading the free white paper on use of social media by the library.

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