Celebrating 30 Years of Dictionary of Natural Products

In June 2021, Dictionary of Natural Products (DNP) will celebrate 30 years since launch. Dictionary of Natural Products is a comprehensive structure database of natural products, which is continually reviewed to keep pace with the current literature.

First published as a CD-ROM containing 70,000 natural compounds in 1991, this product has evolved as technology has changed, and is now an online database detailing the structures and properties of 328,000 compounds. DNP is updated twice a year, usually adding around 10,000 new entries per year, ensuring that the database of natural chemical compounds remains up-to-date.

Dictionary of Natural Products supports researchers in industry and higher education to examine and understand natural compounds, and their potential for developing natural product solutions.

Dictionary of Natural Products is one of 11 chemical databases in the CHEMnetBASE collection, and institutions and corporations can request a free trial for databases individually or to CHEMnetBASE as a whole. Find out more about the 11 chemical databases available on CHEMnetBASE.