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All books and chapters are available to read under the CC-BY-NC license

On November 26, 2021, ANG Eng Guan, Managing Director for T&F China, was invited to participate in the SCOAP3 (Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics) Open Access Book Project Implementation Communication Conference co-hosted by the National Science and Technology Library and Literature Center (NSTL) and SCOAP3 China Working Group in Beijing.

Building upon the success of supporting open access publication of journal papers by Chinese researchers in the High Energy Physics (HEP) field since NSTL joined SCOAP3 in 2014, this conference recognized the joint effort and achievement of NSTL and 17 China institutions on the SCOAP3 Open Books Program, which allows Chinese researchers to have open access to classic titles in the HEP field. Among the 21 titles which have been transitioned to OA by SCOAP3, 16 are CRC Press titles.


As a representative of global publishers supporting SCOAP3, Eng Guan gave a speech on “Taylor & Francis Open Books Development and Future“. He highlighted that, ”Taylor & Francis is the first publisher to set a Books Data Policy for all new books content to encourage authors to share and make data available according to the FAIR principles. As funders increasingly make data sharing a requirement, this is an important step to support researchers in making their work more discoverable and impactful, and to ensure they get all appropriate credit for their work.”

The collection can be found below and on the Routledge collection page. The titles are also available on and OAPEN to ensure maximum discoverability.

As Eng Guan shared with the audience, “our investment in Open Access contents and services enables us to help Chinese academia create their impact internationally. This is a very meaningful role for us, which also aligns with our shared purpose, which is to foster human progress through knowledge.”

We are proud to work with SCOAP3 funder to open 16 titles in the field of Sciences.
All titles have been opened under CC-BY-NC licence. 
All titles are free to read online, simply click on the book jackets to view more information about the title then follow the link to to read the full text.

Discover Open Access Books Funded by SCOAP3

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About The SCOAP3 for Books Initiative

The SCOAP3 for Books initiative is a pilot that the SCOAP3 Governing Council (GC) has established at its May 2019 meeting to leverage the strong network of the Collaboration and the relationships with scholarly publishing to transition key textbooks and monographs in particle physics and neighboring fields to open access.

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