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Open Access Membership

Our open access memberships offer librarians a bespoke solution to support your researchers in publishing open access. They simplify the process of publishing open access for authors and give you:

  • Discounts on article publishing charges.
  • More visibility of accepted articles from your institution.
  • Tools to raise the profile of your open access research.

Read on to discover the benefits for your institution or request a call with one of our open access team to discuss your needs.

There are many benefits of an open access membership with Taylor & Francis. They include:

  • A secure prepayment account with funds set aside for article publishing charges (APCs).
  • Discounts on the APC for every open access article.
  • Access to our Research Dashboard to manage your account.
  • Reduced administration of processing multiple invoices.
  • Developing open access publishing at your institution by facilitating the funding of APCs.
  • A dedicated and personalized open access page on Taylor & Francis Online.

Supporting Your Institution

Do you want to provide your researchers with open access publishing support and comply with funder and institutional mandates?

Our open access team can work with you to develop a solution which meets your needs.


Request a call today!

What is Included in an Open Access Membership?

Prepayment Account

Prepay money into a fund that allows eligible researchers to publish their article gold open access in most Taylor & Francis journals. APCs covered by the fund will receive a discount, with the level of discount determined by the amount of money you deposit into your account.

The funds in your prepayment account do not expire and can be withdrawn at any time.

Member Web Page

Promote your membership to researchers using your personalized page on Taylor & Francis Online. The page displays eligibility criteria and other information authors need to publish their article open access. It also acts as a portal for all open access research from your institution – providing increased visibility for the articles published using membership funds.

Research Dashboard Account

The Taylor & Francis Research Dashboard is a new tool for open access members to manage their account. The dashboard gives you visibility of all papers from corresponding authors affiliated with your institution on acceptance and allows you to:

  • View accepted article metadata including DOI and funder information (if available).
  • Approve or decline APC funding from your prepayment for each article.
  • Receive author requests to make articles open access.
  • Monitor your current account funds and download historical transactions for reporting.

What is the Research Community Saying?

“I am very happy that my university’s arrangement with Taylor & Francis has allowed my papers to be made freely available in the public domain as soon after publication as possible.”
Researcher in Veterinary Science

“My university’s membership made it really easy for me to sort out open access publication of our research.”
Researcher in Technology and Management

How do you Set Up an Open Access Membership?

  1. Request a call with one of our open access team to discuss your needs.
  2. Decide the amount of funds you would like to add to your prepayment account.
  3. Once your prepayment account is finalized, your institution will receive an invitation to create a personal login to manage your prepayment fund via the Research Dashboard.
  4. We’ll provide you with training to start using the Research Dashboard and show you how you can convert previously published papers to open access if you wish to.

Please note: All APC payments taken from the account have to be approved by a central contact at the institution. If an author requests that their paper be funded from the prepayment, the transaction has to be approved before the APC is processed.

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