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We are proud to work with the University of Helsinki to open research titles from researchers based at the University of Helsinki. The University has kindly funded this program to make research in the social sciences available to read for anybody around the globe.

Take a look at titles in Sociology, Politics Education and more, simply click on the subject area and book title to access.

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Analytical Psychology in a Changing World: The search for self, identity and community

Read Chapter 2: Big Stories and Small Stories in the Psychological Relief Work after the Earthquake Disaster: Life and Death by Toshio Kawai
curriculum instruction Japan
Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment in Japan

Read Chapter 2: Historical Overview of Curriculum Development: National Control over Curriculum vs. School-Based Curriculum Development by Kanae Nishioka

Read Chapter 5: Read Chapter 5: Historical Overview of Lesson Study by Terumasa Ishii

Behavioral Science & Education

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Social Sciences

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