Open access book memberships

Increase the visibility and impact of your institution’s research

We’re expanding our open access (OA) membership program. In addition to journal memberships, they’re now available for open access books too. Find out how an OA book membership can support the mission of your institution.

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Open access book memberships

Our open access membership program offers you a bespoke solution to support your researchers. They simplify the process for authors and give you:

  • Discounts on book publishing charges (BPCs).

  • More visibility of open access books and chapters from your institution.

  • Tools to raise the profile of your open access research.

Discover the benefits for your institution. Get in touch with our open access team to discuss your needs, by filling out the form below.

What’s included in an open access membership?

Prepayment account

Prepay money into a fund that allows eligible researchers to publish their book or chapter gold open access, in the Taylor & Francis open access books program. Book publishing charges (BPCs) covered by the fund will receive a discount, with the level of discount determined by the amount of money you deposit into your account.

The funds in your prepayment account do not expire and can be withdrawn at any time. 

Benefits of open access book memberships

There are many benefits of an open access membership with Taylor & Francis. They include: 

  • A secure prepayment account with funds set aside for book and chapter publishing charges.

  • Discounts on the book publishing charges (BPCs) for open access book content, including chapters.

  • Developing open access publishing at your institution by facilitating the funding of BPCs.

  • Reduced administration of processing multiple invoices.

Do you want to provide your researchers with open access publishing support and comply with funder and institutional mandates? Our open access team can support you to develop a solution which meets your needs. 

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To find out more about open access book memberships, fill in the form below to contact our open access team.