F1000: Institutional Collections, Gateways, and Platforms

Partnering with research organizations that want to do things differently

What is F1000?

F1000 works with organizations around the world to provide tailored open access publishing solutions for funders, institutions, and societies.

These include the European Commission, Wellcome, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. We also support researchers directly through our open research publishing platform, F1000Research.

F1000 and Taylor & Francis have also developed Open Plus Books, a new concept in book publishing which reimagines open access book publishing for the 21st century researcher.

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Partner with F1000

  • Grow your profile in the open research space

  • Maximize visibility and impact

  • Recognize the full range of outputs from your initiatives  

  • Provide a funder-compliant publishing venue  

  • Share findings faster

  • Build trust in research

What publishing services are offered by F1000?

Institutional Collections

Institutional Collections bring together the content published by authors affiliated with your research institution. Raise the profile of your open access publications without the hassle of arranging individual article processing charges.


Gateways offer a dedicated space for your organization’s work on F1000Research. Showcase all your research activities in a personalized open research library, with all the benefits of the F1000Research reputation and discoverability.


Platforms provide organizations with an independent and bespoke publishing venue, powered by F1000’s technical infrastructure and editorial services. Platform elements are fully customizable, from the domain name and the ISSN to the submission guidelines and research taxonomy.

Find out more

  • Visit the F1000 website to learn more about our open publishing services for institutions.

  • Discover the F1000Research Platform.

  • Download your free F1000 Open Research Toolkit – it includes three informative resources to help librarians support their institution.

  • Find out about Open Plus Books; a new concept in book publishing created by F1000 and Taylor & Francis.

  • Email a member of the F1000 team with your questions.