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Offering a diverse range of peer-reviewed articles, overviews, and insights, across a wide range of disciplines, Routledge Resources Online are the definitive digital encyclopedic reference products for students, instructors, and researchers.  

They provide an enhanced research and learning experience for students and scholars, encouraging discoverability and comprehension across fields, connecting key themes, concepts, and debates. Topical, cutting-edge, and factual entries work alongside longer synthesizing and scoping essays, to offer different levels of engagement, and to promote a greater understanding of, and participation in, the discipline.  

Written by global academic experts in the field, Routledge Resources Online offer a high-quality user experience, on an accessible and intuitively navigable platform. Routledge Resources Online will be updated bi-annually, to ensure currency and topicality, reflecting emerging trends and thinking from across the world as the area of study evolves.

Key features

  • A diverse range of newly written and peer-reviewed articles, overviews, and insights, across a wide range of disciplines.

  • Accessible entry points to a variety of content learning types and levels.

  • 200 entries per product.

  • Intuitive search and detailed metadata.

  • Updated bi-annually to reflect emerging trends as the study evolves.

  • Easily accessed and discoverable content.

Education features brand new, specially commissioned content in 9 key areas: Assessment, Multicultural Education, Social and Emotional Learning, Educational Technology, Special Education, Educational Psychology, Curriculum, Instruction, and Educational Leadership. With over 200 entries, intuitive search, and detailed metadata, it is an excellent starting place for students to explore the field and can easily be incorporated into the learning environment.

Psychology in the Real World provides users with brand new content to support the teaching and learning of Psychology through the context of everyday life. There are over 200 entries across 7 key areas – law, education, social change, work, sport, relationships and health. The online resource allows students to explore the field of Psychology and investigate both established and emerging topics.

Medieval Studies features a diverse range of peer-reviewed articles, covering geographic and thematic areas across the medieval period. Topics include Culture; Identities; Religion; Powers; Environment, Production, and Exchange; Islamic History and Culture; and Jewish Civilization, as well as an emphasis on Writing History and Methodology.

The Renaissance World features specially-commissioned, peer-reviewed new content that supports the teaching and learning of this historical time period. Covering the 14th to the 18th century, key subject areas include Art and Architecture, Economy and Commerce, Environment, Literature and Drama, Politics and Governance, Religion, and Society. 

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