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Taylor & Francis eBooks is a single destination platform which hosts a range of award-winning digital resources and a fully comprehensive eBooks platform, covering all major subject areas and sub-disciplines.

Our Taylor & Francis eBooks website has been upgraded with new features to help you explore our eBooks titles and find the content most relevant to you. We have enhanced our Search features to support easy website navigation and expanded our content offering to include full and partial Open Access titles, as well as not yet published content.

Our Routledge Subject Collections provide even greater coverage of subject areas and sub-disciplines across Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences, and Education. Each new collection brings together all relevant Routledge books and chapters to provide a comprehensive, focused resource for students, academics and practitioners in a chosen field, making it easier than ever for readers to access relevant Humanities and Social Sciences content.

Suitable for academic libraries of any size and scope, these collections consist entirely of general academic content titles appropriate for undergraduate level courses. Featuring a global array of voices from our international community of scholars and experts, each collection includes a wealth of knowledge enhanced by both cutting-edge research and real world expertise.

Designed with our customers in mind, Routledge and CRC Press have curated HSS and STEM content from across our lists to provide 51 interdisciplinary collections on a wide range of topics. Featuring a global array of voices from our international community of scholars and experts, each collection includes a wealth of knowledge, including both cutting-edge research and real world expertise.

Explore our vast netBASE collections containing eBooks in science, technology, engineering, medicine, humanities, and social science, which are led by a global network of editors and authors.

Looking to the past to better inform the future is one of the most essential needs we currently face. We proudly introduce Taylor & Francis eBook Archives to your library as a complement to your current collection, allowing researchers an opportunity to explore centuries of academic excellence from 1800 to 1980. 

Our archive collection is a perpetual, one off purchase, allowing you to continue building a library that is accessible and sustainable for generations. Since no one school is the same, you have the option to purchase the HSS Archives, STEM Archives, or both Archives as one package to form a perfectly tailored collection that will support your students in their new ground-breaking discoveries.

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“[Taylor & Francis] remain[s] at the forefront of new initiatives that will help to serve their users. They are one of the few that actively seeks out engagement and feedback from a wide range of levels in academic institutions… which I believe bolsters some of the changes they make. Their products are well known and trusted by our users, and they feel confident incorporating them into their research, teaching, and learning needs.”
Modern Library Award Judge

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Benefits for librarians

  • Access to our Librarian dashboard that allows you to manage content through a user-friendly administrator area

  • Easy to download COUNTER 5 reports to track usage, denials, and popular titles

  • Access to the resource available via IP range, OpenAthens, Proxy Server, and Shibboleth

  • Use a single sign on and point of entry for Taylor & Francis eBooks

Benefits for academics

researcher at laptop
  • Easy to search and discover available books and chapters, and refine your searches by publication date and subject area

  • Highlight keywords to search the web for additional content

  • Access individual chapters so you can find and read content most relevant to you

  • New titles added each month to keep you up-to-date with the latest publications

Purchasing options for your library*

*Purchasing options not available for all collections/regions


A one-time purchase commitment, allowing you and your institution access to a collection of titles for a set period of time, with the option to renew, and add further titles to your collection.

Perpetual access

A one-time purchase commitment, allowing you and your institution access to content, while retaining ownership. Additionally, you can also add further titles to your collection at any time.


Select a minimum spend commitment allowing access to a collection of titles on loan for 12 months. At the end, use your minimum spend commitment to select titles for perpetual access.

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