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Mental Health Awareness Month is an ideal time for us all to think about our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. At Taylor & Francis, we understand that matters surrounding mental health and wellness for our authors, librarians, faculty and students are more important than ever before.

We aim to continue supporting your individual and community wellness by providing this Mental Health Awareness Hub where you can find wellness related articles, free chapter samplers, blog posts, and much more.

NEW – Advocating for Universal Mental Heath: Chapter Sampler

We value the highest-quality mental health research, and this free chapter sampler contains exceptional, relevant content from some of our best titles.

Everyday Mindfullness – Free Guide

This Guide to Everyday Mindfulness features a curated collection of 6 chapters from Routledge and Guilford Press to help you reduce stress and anxiety, heal from trauma, manage emotional eating, and communicate better using evidence-based mindfulness techniques. 

Child and Adolescent Mental Health – Curated on Taylor & Francis eBooks

This eBook collection presents some of Routledge’s outstanding publishing in child & adolescent mental health and wellbeing. The collection includes professional-level titles as well as practical books designed to be used directly with children, adolescents and parents. Covering a range of issues, from trauma to anxiety to drug abuse and social policy, these books present cutting-edge research and practice in the field.

Living with Purpose and Mindfulness: Chapter Sampler

This chapter sampler brings content including self-ownership and authenticity, worthiness, emotional wellness, stress resilience, and understanding the meaning of happiness.

Optimizing Academic Wellness: Chapter Sampler

A chapter sampler covering topics such as creating and sustaining healthy environments, stress coping strategies, lifestyle and brain health, and ways to offset the adverse effects of sedentary behaviour.

Counseling & School Psychology on Taylor & Francis eBooks

A collection of eBooks on the subject of Counseling & School Psychology, including play therapy; coaching; counseling techniques and intervention; practicum internship supervision; professional resources and reference; self help resources; spirituality and religion counseling; school and youth counseling, consultation and counseling administration; death studies; school psychology; clinical social work; and trauma studies.

Open Access Titles

Mental Health and Psychology from Routledge

Routledge is a leading publisher in Mental Health and Psychology, with many books appealing to serious academics, professionals, and cutting-edge researchers. Our content extends various helpful mental health resources and compelling research methods.

Explore our Collection of textbooks within Psychology and Mental Health, including:

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