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Protecting the Earth Through Environmental Policy & Sustainability Practices

Invest in Our Planet

Sustainability in Academic Libraries

Top Books in Sustainability by Female Authors

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Advocating for Universal Mental Heath

Living with Purpose and Mindfulness

Everyday Mindfulness

Optimizing Academic Wellness

Pride & LGBTQ+ Equality

Advancing Transgender Pride & Empowerment

Issues Affecting Women and LGBTQ Students

Pride Around the World

LGBTQ+ Mental Health

Women’s Rights Throughout History

Walking the Path to Women’s Empowerment

Advancing Women’s Strength, Resilience and Liberation

Notable Suffragettes

Feminism Throughout History

Understanding Different Perspectives

Celebrating Black History, Community, and Culture

Modern Perspectives on American Democracy, Leadership, and Politics

Exploring New Perspectives in Disability Studies

Global Librarianship: Worldwide Perspectives from Librarians

Tips for Librarians

Social Media in the Library

Leveraging Partnership Opportunities in the Library

Key Skills for Library Managers: Leadership

Key Skills for Library Managers: Change Management

Physical Space in the Library

Lean for Librarians: in Theory and in Practice

Being a Librarian: Professional Development

Supporting Distance Learners